JPIV is a software package for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). The program is open source, platform independent, and available under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

JPIV is useful for:

JPIV is not intended for:

JPIV user interface

JPIV's native vector format is directly compatible to TECPLOT.

You have full access to the documented source code. You can easily insert a few lines of code to extract some intermediate data for your studies, alter a few lines to test a new correlation or filtering approach, add a new class for a unique visualization, alter the user interface, and so forth.

With the help of BeanShell scripts, you can automize your tasks or add some funcionality even without recompiling JPIV. In BeanShell scripts, you have full access to the core classes and methods of JPIV. Via scripts it is also easy to integrate your Matlab, Perl, or Python scripts, as well as any other command line tool. Have a look at the scripting tutorial for more information.

I used JPIV in the scope of my thesis about micro-scale blood flow measurements.

Other open source PIV software projects:
AnaPIV (Pascal; binaries for Mac and Windows)
civ project (Fortran/Matlab; binaries for Linux and Windows)
GPIV (C; binaries for Linux)
ImageJ plugin (Java)
MatPIV (Matlab)
mpiv (Matlab)
OpenPIV (C/C++/Matlab/Python; binaries for Windows)
OSIV (C/Matlab; binaries for Linux, Matlab Toolbox for Mac and Windows)
PIVlab (Matlab)
PPIV (C++; build instructions for Linux-cluster)
PIV analyser (ImageJ plugin)

Closed source downloads:
PIVview (demo binaries for Linux, Windows, and Mac)
PIV Sleuth and CleanVec (binaries for Windows)

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